Hah! Yeah, this sounds about right…

You are not a Federal Rule of Civil Procedure at

all: you’re the statute that allows the

federal district courts to hear diversity of

citizenship actions! You were drafted with

the idea that an out-of-state party may be

unduly prejudiced by appearing in a foreign

state. Sometimes people may think that

you’re strange, and they try to minimalize

your effects by requiring an amount in

controversy and by being especially strict on

the requirements for diversity. Also,

attorneys often use you for “forum

shopping” and other undesirable

behavior. But there’s no getting around the

fact that you’re so darned loveable! Your

delightful quirkiness entertains friends and

law professors alike, and although others may

grumble about your eccentricities behind your

back, they’re always talking about you, so

you must be doing something right. Let’s

face it, the world could use a few more 28

USC 1332’s!

Which Federal Rule of Civil Procedure Are You?
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