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Hah! Yeah, this sounds about right…

YOU ARE 28 UNITED STATES CODE SECTION 1332! You are not a Federal Rule of Civil Procedure at all: you’re the statute that allows the federal district courts to hear diversity of citizenship actions! You were drafted with the idea … Continue reading

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Google image meme

Filched from Joie de Livre. Instructions: 1) Visit: 2) Search for: * Place you grew up. * Place you live now. * Your name. * Your Grandmother’s name. * Your favorite food. * Your favorite drink. * Your favorite … Continue reading

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I’m blogging from the meetup! Yay! I don’t have much to say, though. :D So: Random Notes and observations! Harold Pinter’s Nobel Acceptance speech is apparently awesome. I’m too busy with the offline discussion to read it, though. Hank sez … Continue reading



I’m a collector. I know this. I’ve known it since I started giving in to my compulsion to gather all the hubcaps I saw lying on the side of the road I biked along to get to Junior High. I … Continue reading

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Well, holy schlamoly

I just got a new job. I start there in two weeks. So I’m finishing stuff at my current job superfast so that it’s all ready when I leave. Then I’ll be at a new job, where I’ll be super … Continue reading



Le Week du Blog Sweeps continues, hooray. In honor of the “lists are good!” statement I keep seeing in other sweepers’ blogs, I offer two lists: Things That Will Make Me Like Your Podcast and Things That Will Make Frown … Continue reading