I have entirely too much on my plate. Aside from work (which is awesome but stressful ‘cos I’m new and trying to get up to speed), I have the following to deal with:

  1. The wedding of one of my oldest friends – I’m Maid of Honor
  2. getting ready for my Aikido test, which I swear is getting harder instead of easier
  3. Cover Cinequest
  4. Handle arrangements with the gal who covers my shifts feeding the family horses
  5. Handle getting my two remaining web clients moved to new servers
  6. handle getting my car fixed
  7. drive to Davis this weekend for wedding stuff
  8. Various other good-but-still-stressful stuff

So if you’re wondering why I’ve been quiet here and not talkative on IM, that’s why. My brain is about to melt and run out my ears.

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