Canrival of Feminists!

Carnival of Feminists XI has been up for a while now, but I’m slow sometimes.I think my favorite links from this one are:

  • Two takes on a new anti-rape campaign: one somewhat in favor and one pretty pissed off. I think that it’s a good idea to target anti-rape campaigns at men because (gasp!) it’s the men who are doing the raping most of the time, at least outside of prison. But at the same time, I can see the point made that this particular campaign is objectifying women while it says not to rape them.
  • Letter to Alex and Chris, Twelve Years in the Future. – I’ve probably linked to this before, but it is really awesome and bears linking to again. It’s a mom’s letter to her two sons saying, basically, to harm those who cannot defend themselves or to stand by and allow them to come to harm means you are a failure as a human being, even if you won’t get in trouble for it. To protect those who cannot defend themselves even when it means standing up to your friends and being in grave danger or losing the respect of people you like makes you a hero. I think boys everywhere should read this post.
  • Has the Civil Rights Movement Made African-Americans Happier (And Other Stupid Questions is a great post about the stupidity of all those articles asking whether feminism makes women happier.
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