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My faith in the world is restored. There is an official trailer for Sam Jackson’s next movie, and it’s still going to be called Snakes on a Plane. YAY! Best movie title ever. Watch the trailer. This movie is going … Continue reading

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I started reading this article on Salon about the anti-contraception movement and had to stop. Things like this scare the crap out of me. Seriously. These people want to codify their religious beliefs as law. I am sure that if … Continue reading

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Some lunchtime reading… The Real Bias in the Classroom Bush Using Straw-Man Arguments in Speeches A Top-Down Review for the Pentagon Via Bitch, PhD.

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Another link: Andy Runton draws incredibly cute comics using symbols and facial expressions to evoke communication instead of actual wordy dialog. Very cool. I suspect these comics would be really useful for teaching English – you could have the kids … Continue reading

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Goofy link of the week

Courtesy of my buddy Jibbs: Allah’s rooster. So surreal. Seriously. Truly the world is full of wonders. Or crazy people. Or both.

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Ealasaid’s 28th birthday party, a photoset on Flickr. Yay, birthday!


Good grief

Man. I always think of awesome things to blog about when I’m commuting, then forget them when I am actually in a position to blog. My life continues to be insanely busy even without Cinequest. I am currently dealing with: … Continue reading

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So, I was reading Molly Saves the Day and I got to her post Twenty Questions: Baby-killer edition in which she posts twenty questions aimed at the forced-birth contingent who’ve been posting “abortion is murder of little babies!” comments on … Continue reading



Man, I am tired. But I survived another Cinequest. Go me. I saw 20 films (if you count the short programs as single films), which is less than last year by a fair whack, but I was also working full … Continue reading



Don’t mind us, this is just a test.

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