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So, you may have wondered what 1000+ books look like in a big pile on the floor. Here is your answer: Eventually, that will be the den at Youhaas Global Corporate Headquarters (aka Ealasaid and Antwon’s new digs). But right … Continue reading

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Days until move: 1

Yikes! Tomorrow is the big day! Where did all my time go??? It will be okay, really. My only real problem is that I am short on boxes and will prolly have to make a jillion trips to get everything … Continue reading


Days until move: 3

We take posession of the new apartment (which the fiancé has christened Youhaas Global Corporate Headquarters) on Thursday, and are packing like fiends. I spent the weekend running around picking up and paying for all the furniture I found on … Continue reading

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It has come to my attention that the LJ feed of my entries does NOT save entries and comments. So, it only goes back a few entries. Please please please come over and comment on my actual site. I may … Continue reading

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Reason #601287 to love the internet: Craigslist

Man. I looooove Craigslist. In the last four days, I have managed to line up just about all the furniture the fiancé and I need for the new apartment, all for under $400. That includes: a wine rack, a large … Continue reading

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This whole grown-up thing is a drag.

So the fiancé and I found an apartment – it’s really close to where we work and is a bitchin’ place. Yay! But now we have to do all those grown-up things like set up cable and phone and internet … Continue reading


I <3 Stephen Colbert

Wow. I am watching Stephen Colbert’s address to the White House Press Corps, and it is brilliant. Go watch it. I can’t believe they had him speak. It’s like the conservatives who appear on his show and say things like … Continue reading



It seems that today is a good day to blog about illegal immigration. Reading this piece about undocumented college students (linked to by Caliboy) and then reading Nate‘s thoughts on the subject, it seemed like I should try articulating my … Continue reading