Eek! No! Not more feminism! And a rant, too, nooooooooooo!

Dammit. Why must anti-porn/anti-prostitution feminists lump all porn and prostitution together???
I was going to comment there, but realized I had too much to say, and that most of it had little to do with the actual entry.
[Begin rant]
A woman brought here under false pretenses and forced into prostitution has a world of problems. I am against that, hands down. Why? Not because I’m against men paying for sex, but because I’m against slavery. Women forced into prostitution don’t see a dime of the money the men hand over. That’s abuse, sure. That’s wrong. Wrong.

But I am pro-prostitution insofar as I’m pro-shitjobs in general. I think it should be illegal for pimps to treat their employees like slaves, the same way it’s illegal for McDonalds bosses to treat their employees like slaves. That is the injustice there: that many prostitutes are treated badly and some are actually in slavery. Not the fact that a horny guy brings some dough and offers it to a woman willing to have sex with him. We should fight to make the “choice” so many women have an actual, real choice.
Ditto porn. I am against porn produced at the point of a gun the same way I’m against, say, theft at gunpoint. Women and men in porn should be treated well (FWIW, many men in porn are treated like shit too, though to the best of my knowledge few of them are forced into porn at the point of a gun). The fact that many porn workers are not treated well is a sign of how shitty our society is around sex, not a sign of how bad porn is. Not all porn is nasty, degrading stuff where the woman looks miserable, okay? I watch porn, and I don’t watch that kind.
I am a feminist, ergo I think women should have choices, ergo I am against banning things like porn and prostitution.
I am a feminist, ergo I am against making women slaves, ergo I am against women enslaved into prostitution.
I’m against men enslaved into being orange pickers too, okay? But I’m not out there trying to ban orange juice to OMG SAVE TEH MENS!
So I think feminists who are out there to OMG SAVE TEH WOMENS by banning porn and prostitution are … well, frankly I think they’re kind of naive. I admire their conviction, but hate that they constantly say one can’t have beliefs like mine and be “a real feminist.” That’s divisive bullshit, and they should be ashamed. I don’t mind them being prudes, I mind them being divisive and more-feminist-than-thou.
[end rant]

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