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I don’t know how to say it better than they already have:

In its 1972 debut issue, Ms. magazine ran a bold petition in which 53 well-known U.S. women declared that they had undergone abortions – despite state laws rendering the procedure illegal. These women were following the example of a 1971 manifesto signed by 343 prominent French women, who also declared they had abortions.

We are now starting a new petition, beginning with the names of some of the original 1972 signers. They signed “to save lives and to spare other women the pain of socially imposed guilt.” Their purpose was “to repeal archaic and inhuman [anti-abortion] laws.”
We recognize that, still, not every woman will be able to sign today – 33 years after Roe – even though abortion is a very common, necessary and important procedure for millions of women in the U.S. But if a multitude of women would step forward publicly – and more and more would continue to join them – we would change the public debate.
We know that women who have had abortions have spoken out many times during the last 33 years … and millions of women and men have marched in countless rallies and demonstrations.
It is time to speak out again– in even larger numbers – and to make politicians face their neighbors, influential movers and shakers, and yes, their family members. We cannot, must not – for U.S. women and the women of the world – lose the right to safe, legal, and accessible abortion or access to birth control. Just as in 1972, Ms. will send the signed petitions to the White House, members of Congress and state legislators. We will also place the petition online. And we ask signers to make a contribution so Ms. can promote the petition and provide needed funds to fight abortion bans and support targeted abortion providers, such as the sole remaining women’s clinic in Mississippi.
Your name and your voice will make a difference.

Please sign… or donate… or both. I have not had an abortion, but as a woman who would have one in a heartbeat if a pregnancy test came up positive, I am determined to defend my reproductive rights. I donated. Please go and sign or donate.
Please. This is important.

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