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YouTube documentary about Steve Buscemi in Europe. Apparently a clothing designer decided to use him as their model in a ton of ads. Awesome. My only gripe is that the gal wandering around Europe asking everyone if they know who … Continue reading

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The Dark Side’s Real Pull

I’ve been wanting to link this entry by Anna Milton for ages but kept forgetting. Her LJ is friends-only, though, so I got her permission to reprint the gem that made me want to link it in the first place.

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O Noes!

Nate is closing his cafepress shop! Now I have to actually decide between the READ! mug and the READ! bag. AUGH. *headdesk* I’ve been putting off buying either because… well, much as I love the art I don’t really need … Continue reading

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It’s official!

I’m a Real EmployeeTM now! Yay! Getting benefits, a 401K, and everything! Yay! I even figured out enough Excel magic to make up a time-tracking worksheet for myself since I apparently don’t have to fill out timesheets. Awesome.


Friday Five

This week’s Friday Five

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Why Dan Brown Sucks

Nate explains that he doesn’t have to explain why Dan Brown sucks because Language Log explains it in detail already. Now, I haven’t read The DaVinci Code, largely because paging through it briefly once or twice convinced me that doing … Continue reading



Thanks go to my Dad for pointing this out to me. Uploaded by twosixteen

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Dear My Body,

I have been doing my best to take care of you. I’ve cut back on work, done that annoying diet to figure out what you’re allergic/sensitive to, started seeing a chiropractor, gotten more sleep, and so on. So, what is … Continue reading


The Golden Compass

by Philip Pullman I’ve just started reading this and it’s very difficult to put it back down once I’ve settled in! Much fun. (Book 11 in 2006, ack. Gotta read more! Damn you, magazine subscriptions!)

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Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation

by Lynne Truss This is an awesome book. I really enjoyed it. Loads of fascinating punctuation info, and an author I can relate to. I’m a punctuation and grammar stickler myself, and boy howdy, she makes me look laid back … Continue reading

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