Awesome, fabulous women

I think I should start a fanclub for 50-something (or older!) female bloggers who kick ass. So far I have found two:
Marn, who gardens on a scale that involves backhoes and bulldozers and lifts weights like there’s no tomorrow (she can do chin-ups! By herself! And only a few years ago she was all out of shape! Holy crap!)
Liz, who bodybuilds, loves Zydeco, is amazingly culturally aware, and is currently working to kick the ass of Brenda, a nasty tumor that is partially blocking the vein that lets blood down out of her head and neck.
I admire both these women immensely for a zillion reasons, chief amongst which is that they blog so honestly and articulately about their lives. They are living proof that being a woman over the age of 30 is not a sentence to futility and fainting spells. They are ass-kickers! And yet they are human. They cry. They have moments of doubt. They are afraid of things. And they share that too! Which is really powerful, because it helps me believe that in spite of my own moments when I cry or doubt myself or am afraid, maybe I can kick ass as much as they do.
Many profound thanks, Marn and Liz! You gals rule.

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