Self-centered whining

Sometimes it feels like my fibro is taking over my life.
I mean, I try to exercise 4+ times a week because it helps my fibro so much. I go to HealthNOW three times a week (which takes a total of about 1:45 out of my day each time) for treatment. I see my GP every few months for the fibro too. I have to sleep 8+ hours a day (more on weekends) because otherwise I’m really friggin’ tired all the time.
It’s immensely frustrating.
At the same time, I know my general health is getting better. My migraines are still just the same, but everything else has improved. I try to concentrate on the good stuff, but sometimes it’s hard. It’s hard to balance the things I have to do (work, treatment, exercise, day-to-day chores, wedding prep) with the stuff I want to do (movie reviews, web design work, hang with friends, watch TV, play videogames, read).
This whole being-a-grownup thing is a pain.
However: tomorrow night I leave on an airplane to go visit my friend Annie, who is getting married – and I’m officiating! YAY! So that’s something good.
At any rate, if you’re wondering why I post irregularly and am often hard to get a hold of, this is why.

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