We’re hanging out at Coffee Society for the blogger meetup. Where y’all at?
(Note to those new to my liveblogging entries… just click “reload” periodically if you’re reading this in real time to get updates live from the meetup!)

Elke has a notebook with detailed car records from her car’s previous owner – the records go back to 1995! How awesome is that? I wish I had my camera with me so I could take a photo.
Hank is talking about camera stuff and has reminded me that I want a Gorrillapod. I have now added it to my wishlist. Yay.
Yay, Silvia just showed up!
Rich: I wouldn’t have to think for a second between you and Anne Coulter.
Elkit: I’m not sure if that’s a compliment.
Elke thinks Antwon and I should webcast our wedding – all we need is a volunteer. We’ll be kind of busy, so we can’t handle the webcam setup and stuff on the big day. Any takers?
Great, now they’re coming up with crazy ass ideas for how we should dress up. The phrases “third season Captain Kirk” and “Superman capes” have been mentioned.
Elke says all her conversations at work end up being about either bacon or beer. Now she is thinking she should be a bacon strip for Halloween. And one of her coworkers bought her bacon strip bandaids. That is totally awesome.
7:49pm: Hm. I am starting to think I should put time stamps on my notes here. Guess I’ll start.
7:59pm: I showed Elke Fudebakudo, which is awesome. She agreed. In other news, Rich apparently thinks everyone should wear Mexican wrestling masks and formalwear to the Youhaas wedding.
8:06pm: Ack, most of the people are talking about politics and religion, the two topics I generally try to avoid unless I have very good reason.
Rich says he needs more surreal blogging, rather than real blogging (or live blogging). I think that sounds good.
8:19pm Man. I’m tired and it’s still early. Lame. I was feeling better earlier (got my B-12 shot today!) but am back to being sleepy. Poo. If all else fails, I can always go home early and curl up with a DVD or something (Battle Royaleshould be showing up soon from Netflix!)
8:34pm: It has become clear to me that I need to spend more time on I just found out through there that MC Chris is coming to SF on Oct. 4! I am SO THERE!!!!
8:43pm: Livecommenting! Rock!
8:45pm: Whoa. Antwon is still at work. Poor guy.
9:10pm: Elke says I have to liveblog that I found it it’s all Sven’s fault. I am leaving now to go home and hang with poor Twon who is just now leaving work. Whee!

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