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Damn you, Emusic! I was doing so well getting on with my music sorting project, but now I’ve gone and downloaded nearly a hundred more songs from you! ARGH!!!! *headdesk* Albums downloaded today: PJ Harvy, Dry Burning Brides, Leave No … Continue reading

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My Personality Neuroticism 88 Extraversion 76 Openness To Experience 77 Agreeableness 74 Conscientiousness 40 Test Yourself Compare Yourself View Full Report MySpace Surveys, MySpace Codes and hi5 by Pulseware Survey Software Well, that isn’t a surprise. I think I’m a … Continue reading

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Childfree awesomeness

Check out Mike Rowe’s reply to a rather personal question. It’s brilliant. He sums it all up with a great short answer: Here’s my answer. My reasoning for not having kids is due to the fact that I’m selfish. And … Continue reading

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On a more cheerful note

This music video is awesome. (requires sound, obviously) Who knew Badly Drawn Boy was so warm and fuzzy? Family Guy: The Best of Stewie Griffin. I adore Stewie. He is so awesome. Another awesome music video – vikings fighting each … Continue reading

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Good reading

I was recently led back to by this post over at Dark_Christian. I seem to remember reading Elroy’s stuff a while back, but reading it again it really hit home. Between the gradual erosion of abortion rights and the … Continue reading

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