No on Prop 85!

I really hope that all my California-based readers are planning to vote against Prop 85. It amends California’s constitution to mandate a waiting period and parental approval for teenagers’ abortions – even if the parents are abusive or if it was her father who got her pregnant. Sure, there’s an option for the girl to visit a judge and get an exception – but anybody who knows how overworked the judicial system here is knows that’s not a good option
More importantly: look at who’s for 85 vs. who’s against it. Evangelical, right-wing, pro-forced birth organizations that want to get rid of abortion entirely are for 85; doctors, the ACLU, NOW, and medical organizations are against it.
Planned Parenthood has put together a great ad against 85 and needs donations to get it on the air. I gave $15. What can you give? See the ad and donate

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