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Knowledge vs. Belief: a brilliant piece of writing in one of the communities I read. I’ve copied it below for posterity, because I really don’t want to lose it.

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Two women each want not to be in their driver’s license photos. One is Christian, one is Muslim. Guess who won her court case and who lost. GODDAMMIT stuff like this pisses me off.


Um, duh. There are:0people with my namein the U.S.A. How many have your name?

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My engagement ring is done! Yay!



So there’s this nifty blog I’ve discovered, Den of the Biting Beaver. I first found her when the Carnival of Feminists linked to her back in September.

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This morning I was discussing this post at Molly Saves the Day with my Dad. It’s a post about how feminists who shave or wax aren’t “real” feminists. Now, I already think that any pissing contest about who’s a “real” … Continue reading



I clearly need a new hobby, right? Because I have too much spare time? Right. The Show with zefrank is making me want to take up vlogging. I keep thinking about how the digital camera the fiance and I share … Continue reading

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mcchris FTW

I met MC CHRIS! More pix and a real writeup to follow.


Link Roundup

Damn. Once again, my “blog this” bookmark folder is freakin’ huge. So, here we go! News Good Maternal Behavior Is Linked to the Genes of a Father – experiments on mice show that a gene girl mice inherit from their … Continue reading



From The Quotable Neil Gaiman: “Maddy: Dad. I need to know the truth. Are you famous? Me: No. Not really. Maddy: But there are people who know who you are, aren’t there? Me: Well, yes. Maddy: And they think you’re … Continue reading

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