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How to Succeed in Murder

by Margaret Dumas The second book in the series. Whipped through this one even faster than the first, and was ecstatic to see the return of my favorite character, Flank. Flank is a bodyguard and is representative of everything I … Continue reading

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Speak Now

by Margaret Dumas This is the first published novel by Margaret Dumas, and although at times it seems a bit first-novel-ish, once I got into it, I didn’t care anymore. The characters are fun and engaging, the plot is straightforward … Continue reading

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Gosh, I know my Bible!

No real surprise here. I went to Sunday School every week until I finished high school. :)


Blog for Choice Day

It’s Blog for Choice Day, people, so here I am. Choice is one of the topics guaranteed to set me off. Hell, over the weekend I was in a car with two people who completely agree with me on the … Continue reading


Any astrology geeks in my readership?

Apparently, I have sun in Pisces, moon in Gemini, Ascendant in Virgo, Mercury in the Seventh House, Sun in the seventh house, sun opposition ascendant, venus in the seventh house, moon in the ninth house, and saturn in the twelfth. … Continue reading


De-Lurking Week!

Well, Amber says it’s National De-Lurking Week. Are you a reader of my blog who’s never commented, or who’s only commented once or twice? De-lurk! Do it! Comment! I dare you! :D I already commented over at Amber’s, so I’ve … Continue reading


Friday Five

Friday Five

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Yeesh. Also, links.

My left nav bar is getting a little scary, nu? I just added links to my pages on YouTube and What is, you may ask? It’s a link-sharing site. It’s sort of like… having the ability to share … Continue reading

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I am not a financial advisor, but… Issue 1

First, a disclaimer: I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR. IF YOU ARE BROKE OR LOOKING FOR INVESTMENT ADVICE, SEEK ADVICE FROM SOMEONE WHO IS, ETC ETC ETC! Anyway. Man. Money is a bitch. Seriously. But there is a certain sort … Continue reading

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A little more New Year’s stuff

I don’t make resolutions anymore. This is for two reasons: I usually don’t manage to keep resolutions, so they are pointless. Not keeping the resolutions makes me feel shitty. I figure that’s reasonable. Hell, the fiancé and I started our … Continue reading

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