Item the First: I’ve sort of given up on the Morale-O-Meter – not enough data input available for me. I’m now using a thrilling spreadsheet in Open Office Calc, which so far is going great. Yay. If’n y’all are interested, I could post the template for you folks to check out. It tracks everything from sleep to allergen consumption. Rock.
Item the Second: Just a reminder that I’m posting loads of links over at My del.icio.us. Check it out if you like the kinds of links I often blog about here.
Item the Third: Cinequest is coming, and that means that the Cineblog is active! Check it out for news and reviews of movies and whatnot coming up at Cinequest. I love cinequest, even though it frequently causes me to collapse of exhaustion right before my birthday each year.
Item the Fourth: I’ve been reading a lot lately, FINALLY, so check my booklog, A Perpetual Orgy, for minireviews.

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