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Taking a Break

I’ve decided to take a break from reading websites that up my stress level. There are a lot more of these on my daily reading rounds than I thought, and I think it’s taking a toll on me. I have … Continue reading

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how much time do you spend on money?

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Liveblogging the Meetup

Woot, Blogger Meetup in da hizzy! So far it’s just Rich, j0nchan, and moi. Rich says none of the people he knows are Wikifamous (ie, have an entry on Wikipedia. Rich has never been to Disneyland. Geez. His family went … Continue reading



I can’t decide if I would prefer this confession video to be real or faked. OK, that’s not quite true. Obviously, I would prefer that this man is lying about US troops raping prisoners, including one 15 year old girl … Continue reading


No surprises here, as usual

Yet another silly OKCupid quiz.

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I’ve been thinking about business and the way words shape our realities.

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Ramit Sethri at has a nifty series of photo posts which I totally dig. Check ’em out!

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