Aah, the life of a geek

I have The Best Fiance Ever(tm). He got me a Palm Tungsten E2 for my birthday, to replace my oldass Palm IIIxe. It is a thing of beauty, it really is. Color screen, about a jilion pixels compared to the III, it’s just… gorgeous. So cool. Eek! :) I’ve been having a blast finding software for it and playing with the features and everything. So cool.
In the annoyances-that-only-bug-a-geek category, I am finding myself very irked at FeedDemon – it’s a totally kickass RSS aggregator program (which can handle friendslocked posts on LJ!) but it generates the most halfassed blogroll I have ever seen. I have over 200 feeds – having a blogroll which consists entirely of all the feeds in one alphabetized list is so stupid I lack words to describe it. I can put the feeds in folders in the application, why can’t it generate a blogroll with the same damn folders? Bloglines generates a perfectly useable blogroll… but can’t handle friendslocked posts. Goddammit. Guess for the time being I’ll just use both. Sigh. Anybody know of an aggregator that will generate a good blogroll AND handle friendslocked posts?

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