Yo! Where you at, dawg?

So I’ve been busy lately. Wedding planning, even for a non-matrimonial-complex wedding like ours, is a massive undertaking. There are a million little things to consider. What kind of cups should we have at the reception? Should we get tablecloths to cover the probably skuzzy picnic tables in the park? What color/type of cord should we use for the handfasting part of the ceremony?
I’m finding myself paring things out of my schedule that aren’t wedding-related, and while it’s understandable it is also really really annoying. I like blogging. I like hanging out with my friends. Grrr. But this weekend alone, for example, I have to get laced into my corset and get the alterations measurements done on my dress, which is a huge undertaking; go shopping with the fiance for his clothes, which will be fun but is still time-consuming; handle the tablecloth rental; look into renting tents; and get a final quote from the florist. Oh, and I have an appointment to tutor my one remaining student. I’m starting to understand why my friend Jen started getting tension headaches whenever she did wedding stuff. I admire her – she had a huge, very matrimonial-complex wedding and managed to do it without going insane.
Maybe wedding stress is just one of those things that is big no matter what the wedding is like.
Anyway. Questions about the wedding? All the info is here.

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