Day Zero: Placerville, CA – Salina, UT 630 mi

Yesterday we drove from our place in Santa Clara to a friend’s place in Placerville, CA (196 mi), which took about 3 hours. Today we drove on US-50 from there to Salina UT (630 mi), which took about 12 hours. Rawk. Go us. Etc.
A few random observations:

  1. I think we broke the consciousness of the guy at Budget rental cars – I asked if we should get the oil changed if we went a long way and he was like, “oh, maybe if you’re going to Chicago or something…” I didn’t quite have the heart to tell him that Chicago is only about 60% of the way on our path out.
  2. US-50 really doesn’t have a lot going on. On several occasions we drove for an hour or two without seeing anybody else going our direction.
  3. Nevada is really goddamned wide.
  4. US-50 is a lot more fun than some random-ass interstate.
  5. Antwon has a crapload of songs in his “Alternative” folder. We started listening to them on shuffle first thing this morning and aren’t even close to having heard them all. Hee!
  6. It’s kind of annoying how often US-50 goes through random tiny towns and the speed limit drops from 70mph to 25mph.
  7. The Mexicano Restaurant in Salina, UT has tasty food.

I took some photos from the car, but nothing from outside it because we had such a longass way to go and didn’t want to stop.

US-50, somewhere in NV US-50 in NV US-50 somewhere around the UT-NV border

And now to bed. We have another 12 hours of driving tomorrow, boooooo, I mean, yaaaaay! Tomorrow we are sleeping in Keystone, South Dakota, so we can see Mt. Rushmore the next morning. Awesome! It’s funny. Ordinarily the idea of sitting on my ass for 12 hours would be horrible, but when I’m doing it in the company of my freshly-minted husband and going through very scenic parts of the US, it’s actually a lot of fun.

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