Day One: Salina UT to Keystone, SD 843mi

I’m writing this in Notepad because our hotel (Econolodge in Keystone, SD) doesn’t have a real internet connection (I can get to livejournal and google, but not or twitter. WTF). I’ll post it tomorrow as soon as I find a place with internet connectivity.
Today has been the day of INSANE WEATHER OMG. Our route was roughly: leave Salina UT on US-50. Head for Denver. Hang a left in Denver, head for Cheyenne. Head for Keystone.
Not bad, right?
Well, the weather hated us. On the passage through the rockies, we hit a thunderstorm which was raining so hard we were hydroplaning down a 6% grade at one point. Water was thrown at us by semis on our side of the road and anything bigger than a Hummer H3 on the other side of the road. At one point, it rained slush. OMG SCARY.
Then we spent a big chunk of the afternoon watching AMAZING lightening displays in the distance. OMG SCARY. Fortunately, we never actually ran into the thunderstorm. Phew.
But between the nasty weather outside Denver and some road construction we ran into, we didn’t actually reach Keystone until after 10pm local time. We left at 8am local time in UT, which means we spent 15 or so hours on the road. D’oh. So much for our 12.5 hour schedule. Stupid weather.
I took a ton of photos which I’ll have to sort through tomorrow as I am currently exhausted.
ETA: Photos!

Rocks Slush Weather
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