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Heading out!

…and they’re off! We’re heading out on our honeymoon as soon as we pick up the rental car. Wooooo! Placerville, CA tonight, then tomorrow off on our first long day of driving. Watch this space for updates! And if you … Continue reading


Head of nail, meet hammer.

Graydancer hits the nail on the head by rephrasing a neat quote so it reads: If you aren’t satisfied with your life, change it. If you won’t change it, put up with it. Whatever you do, if you’re going to … Continue reading

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Hasta la Vista, jackass.

Well, Jerry Fallwell is dead. Forgive me for not mourning overmuch. This is, after all, the man who thinks that 9-11 was caused by folks like me, and said so on TV. Fuck him. He was a bigoted asshole who … Continue reading


Friday Five – an old one

I know this Friday Five is old, but I couldn’t resist doing it anyway.

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The first set of vids is up from the handfasting! Yay! They were shot by my pal Shannon. The pro video is still being edited, and won’t be ready for a couple weeks, most likely. These should tide y’all over … Continue reading

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People keep asking me if I feel different now that I’m married. Aside from the feel of an additional ring on my left ring finger, I don’t, really. Twon and I have “felt” married for … gosh, at least a … Continue reading



We’re back from our night at the B&B, after a wonderful, awesome wedding day. Great huge heaping piles of THANK YOU to everyone who made our day so awesome! Mom and Dad, who wrangled RVs up to the site so … Continue reading



Today’s the Day!

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Happy Fun Time Wedding Post

Man! I am so busy and distracted that I only seem to post here when I have something that sufficiently piques my interest… which makes for very uneven reading. Let me see. What is there to update about? I’m gettin’ … Continue reading


Naamah strikes again

So I linked to Naamah’s post “Animals.”. It is a kickass post. She has written a followup. It’s really long and has plenty of profanity, so it’s not a light read. But damn, as usual, she takes the words right … Continue reading