My buddy Earthdog recently posted an interesting thing about the whole Flickr censorship fooforah.
His point, in short, is that folks bitching about Flickr “censoring” them should put their money where their mouth is and donate to organizations that fight REAL censorship (yanno, the kind where they throw you in jail or kill you for printing the wrong things). I think he has a great point and plan on donating my “one-off charity” budget for this month to one of the orgs he suggests. Mind you, that’s not much (I only have a spare $5/mo for one-offs, and there’s no rollover from past months at the moment, as it’s a new budget). But still.
And I’m not even in the debate, which I think is kind of stupid!
So, if you’re all upset about the whole situation, please go read Earthdog’s post. I think he makes a good case for putting your money where your mouth is.

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