I’ve been working on cataloging my library on here on LibraryThing. I’m almost halfway done – I’ve got 437 books in the database. Rawk. Considering that for some reason my barcode scanner can’t read about half the barcodes properly, I think I’m making good progress.
I’ll be putting up a proper lending library page at some point, but I figured I’d announce it now: if you see a book in my LibraryThing catalog that you want to borrow, let me know! I’m willing to ship my books to you, even (Media Mail, so it takes a while, but it’s cheap), provided you’ll ship ’em back when you’re done. You just have to promise to take good care of the book while it’s in your hands and to ship it safely back to me if you’re a shipping borrower.
See, I feel kinda bad about having so many books (over 1100!), since I’m so anti-consumerism in other areas of my life. But at the same time, I love my books and can’t imagine getting rid of them. So I figure loaning them out is a good compromise.
I’m adding new books periodically, and will post here when they’re all in the database, but head over now if you like and see what all I’ve got! (note: books I own but have not yet read are not in the database because they’re not up for loan. It’ll be too complicated if I start loaning out the ones I haven’t read yet!)

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