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One of my photos got picked to be in the SFSchmap! Squee! I feel like a Real Photographer ™ now.

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Very interesting

The Loudness War. Or, how CDs are being ruined by idiot music producers who think everything needs to be OMG LOUD!!!!! Short, to the point, and very well-done. (Requires sound)

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Fire near work today. The excitement never ends! I took a ton of pix, starting here.

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Z0MG. Nerdapalooza. A Nerdcore/chip-hop/etc festival. This year. In Humboldt. I’m already posting on the forums and have three people planning to ride up with me. This means if anybody else wants to ride up with me, I gotta rent a … Continue reading

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I’ve had a headache since Wednesday, June 20. Normally, headaches aren’t a big deal for me, but this one is different. It doesn’t respond to any of the over-the-counter painkillers I have (and I have a lot – aspirin, ibuprofen, … Continue reading

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