Here they come

The forced-birthers (aka the pro-coathanger brigade!) are at it again… and this time in my home state!
Forty Days for Life Sacramento, among others, will be protesting 24/7 outside Planned Parenthood clinics in Sacramento, Fresno, and other places. Stand with Planned Parenthood by donating a set amount per day or protesters, or by volunteering as a clinic escort (I just emailed to see if I can do the latter; I’ve always wanted to do that and now I have an opportunity).
Planned Parenthood is so much more than abortion. They also provide information, health services, and birth control to folks of all income levels. The pro-coathanger brigade protest will make obtaining all these services more difficult.
My current favorite link on abortion protests: this video of protesters outside a clinic being asked what the punishment for a woman who gets an abortion should be. These people are not rational, and we need to stand with Planned Parenthood during this attack.
ETA (and later cleaned up for grammatical issues): Followup – videos like this really show that pro-coathanger folks don’t consider women to be entirely capable of controlling their destinies. They think women who have abortions are victims and not perpetrators. WTF? Women are rational creatures who can make their own decisions, thank you very much.

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