I got this today from Planned Parenthood.

What’s wrong with this statement:
Late yesterday, the Bush administration announced the
appointment of a staunchly anti-birth control extremist to a
leadership role in the Office of Population Affairs.
You read that correctly — we simply couldn’t make up something
this outrageous. Please, take a moment right now to oppose the
appointment of Susan Orr as the acting deputy assistant
secretary for population affairs:
Orr’s anti-reproductive health stance is clear. She applauded
President Bush’s reinstatement of the global gag rule and urged
him to revoke approval for mifepristone (formerly known as
RU-486) — both while working for the notoriously anti-choice,
anti-birth control, anti-sex education organization, the Family
Research Council.
It is hard to imagine a more mismatched role for Susan Orr than
one in the Office of Population Affairs, the department that
advises the secretary of health on policies concerning
reproductive health. And her new role? Why, it’s to run the
family planning program, of course.
The family planning program that Orr will run plays a critical
role in ensuring that low-income families have access to
contraceptive services.
In other words, a virulently anti-family planning radical is in
charge of family planning. Appointments don’t get more egregious
than this — please, take action now:
If this situation sounds familiar, it’s because we’ve been here
before. Less than a year ago, the Bush administration also tried
to put Eric Keroack, whose anti-birth control stance rivals that
of Susan Orr, in charge of family planning. After an outpouring
of opposition, he stepped down from office — but the Bush
administration is continuing its efforts to put ideology over
science. Susan Orr’s appointment and an emerging crisis in the
federal government’s birth control program make that clear
(we’ll be letting you know how you can help on this issue, as
Thank you for standing up for women who need reproductive health
services by taking action today.
Cecile Richards
President, Planned Parenthood Federation of America
P.S. Susan Orr’s appointment is yet another obstacle to women
seeking reproductive and other health services at Planned
Parenthood health centers and elsewhere. See what else we’re up
against here:

Now, I am not a big believer in the efficacy of online petitions, but I signed this one anyway just in case.
My apathy is warring with my idealism over whether to bother writing my congressfolks about it. I trust that they know where most of us Bay Area Californians stand on the issue of choice and birth control.

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