NaNoWriMo Day 23: WOO!

WOO! Over 5k written today! GO ME. Failed utterly to write ANYTHING yesterday, so I had to catch up.
I am, however, having the same problem I have every year: when I am trying to book along and make good wordcount progress, my scenes get shorter and shorter. GRR. I am looking at running out of plot damn quickly, and it is pissing me right off. I gotta get better at translating wordcount panic into padding instead of brevity. On the bright side, I did manage to work a rewrite of the entire Nieman Marcus Cookie Recipe forward into the text.

Joe found a remote with a button on it and pressed it experientally. A nurse came in the room. “Can I help you?” she said, a bit sadly.
“Um, yeah. What’s going on?”
She came over and sat down on the chair next to his bed. “What do you remember?”
“Well, there was a girl at a party, and then I was in a tub of ice with a note to call 911. Then I woke up here.”
She nodded and turned professional rather than sad. “Your kidneys were removed. We brought you here and got you set up on dialysis right away and set about finding a donor for you.”
“Oh, man,” he said. “I’m screwed, aren’t I? That sick kid has been in here for ages with no donor.”
The nurse sniffled surrupticiously and said, “well, we had actually found a pair of kidneys for him, but he passed away before the surgeons could operate. Fortunately, those kidneys are an exact match for you, so the surgeons inserted them right away. They said that your kidneys were removed very cleanly, and that you should be able to heal up very quickly.” She looked around and leaned in, “I suspect that those kidneys are actually yours,” she said. “They turned up very suspiciously right after yours must have been removed, and I overheard the surgeons talking about your surgery and how well it went and how perfectly the kidneys fit in where yours had been.” She leaned back. “but of course, one can’t be sure of anything, and if you tell anyone that I told you this, I’ll tell them you’re lying.”

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