NaNoWriMo: Day 28

WOO. Only 4k to go! Got a lot of writing done today, but not as much as I’d hoped. I’m just not feeling it this evening, writein or no. Feh. Hopefully will do well tomorrow and Friday.

Svrg lept into the fray immediately, but The Hunter held back, looking for their employers. If they were involved in the brawl, she and Svrg needed to get them out. Hard to be employed by someone unconscious or dead.
She spotted them eventually, doing their best to hold off a small group of very serious looking attackers. Two young men, one blond and one red head, both wearing green tunics. They were back to back and actually had their swords out. The Hunter charged toward them, grabbing Svrg on the way. She shoved one of the guards so that she could get next to the already relieved looking young men.
“Are you The Black Hunter?” the redhead asked. When she nodded, he sighed in relief. “Thank the Gods! Help!”
Svrg was right behind The Hunter, and she eliminated two of the attackers by simply grabbing the back of their necks and slamming their heads together. Their light helments crumpled slightly and the two sank to the ground. The four remaining attackers turned their attention to our heroines. One of them snarled, “this is none of your affair, get lost.”
Svrg brought a fist down on his arm, making him drop his sword. The Hunter said, “oh, I think not. These are our employers, you see. And we have business with them.”
It was on. These fellows were a damn sight better with their blades than the mercenaries had been, and The Hunter found herself dodging attacks by thinner and thinner margins. She took a deep breath and focused, and managed to land a nice blow to her opponent, slicing his neck badly between shoulder and helmet. His eyes widened and he put a hand to the wound before turning tail and running, no doubt to the nearest healer.
Svrg, meanwhile, was engaged in trouncing the nearest attacker. She didn’t have enough room to swing her broadsword, and so was using her dagger. The fellow she was fighting was noticeably smaller than she, and he was beginning to look a bit frightened. She managed to disarm him by stepping inside a rather wild swing and grabbing his arm hard enough to break bone. The sword dropped from his lifeless fingers and he screamed.
One of the remaining fellows took this opportunity to slam a pewter pitcher into the back of Svrg’s head. She staggered, and the man she had just disarmed made a break for it. As she tried to shake it off, the pitcher wielder brought the pitcher up for a second blow, only to find himself sporting a swordtip through his chest. The Hunter withdrew her rapier, and he collapsed to the floor. Svrg would be all right, she guessed, the Hunter just needed to buy her a little time.
There was one remaining combatant, but he looked more than a little rattled by what he’d seen, and all it took was The Hunter stepping foward and saying a loud “boo!” for him to shriek and run off.
The two young men looked more than a little rattled. The Hunter and Svrg exchanged a look and each of them grabbed an arm. They hustled the pair out of there as quickly as they could, leaving the brawl behind.
Once outside, Svrg grabbed both men by the fronts of their tunics and slammed them into the wall. The Hunter said, “now we can talk in peace. Myself and Svrg here would very much like to know why you hired a group of men to attack us and drive us out of the city.”

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