NaNowrimo: Day 29


The third floor was empty of everything but books and bookcases. There was a huge table in the center of the room covered with parchment scrolls and the bookshelves were jammed with texts in all conditions. This was a bit more promising, and the Hunter spent several fruitless minutes looking behind books and inside boxes of writing equipment before shrugging and moving on to the fourth floor. The plans had indicated this was a spellworking room, and that seemed the most likely. She made her way up the stairs and was about to open the door into the room when it slammed open, the handle whipping out of her hand.
Without a moment’s thought, the Hunter’s blades were in her hand and she was tucked behind one of the doorjambs out of the line of fire.
Elgin the wizard was inside, standing inside a protective sphere. “Welcome!” he boomed. “I presume you are looking for this?” he held up the loinguard. The Hunter leaned her head around the doorframe and looked around the room.
Elgin was a tall fellow dressed in blue robes and wearing a matching skullcap. He was old, but not as ancient as some wizards the Hunter had met. he was also using his free hand to shape a sphere of fire. The Hunter faced a window and gave a piercing whistle.
Outside, Svrg heard the whistle and said innocently, “what was that?” When the guards turned their heads to look, she grabbed them by the scruffs of their necks and bashed them together. They collapsed and she stepped over them with a grin. “I never get tired of that,” she said, and forced open the gate.

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