Journal vs. Blog

Fadethecat on why she has a journal, not a blog.
The journal vs. blog debate has been going on for ages, and I think she sums up the difference really well. Journals are like the journals folks used to (or in my case, still do) keep on paper — accounts of what you’ve been up to, your thoughts, etc.
I have a blog because a blog is a bit narrower in scope — it’s your thoughts, usually on a particular topic. You don’t have to catch up if you’ve been away, you just go back to posting. While I am happy to twitter on and off about what I’m up to in the moment, but the thought of having my journal online where anybody could read it gives me the willies. I do have an unusually open blog, but it’s not as open as a journal would be.
As I often tell people when describing my blog, I have this blog because I used to send things out to my peeps in bursts via email, and the blog lets me avoid clogging their inboxes and possibly reach a wider audience.

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