Happy Anniversary to Us!

So, Antwon and I had our first anniversary on 5/12. Woo hoo! We decided to buy ourselves a new TV for an anniversary present. After much research and info-gathering, we decided on a 50″ plasma from Costco (big brand name only, not Vizio or anything). It turned out to be quite an ordeal to get it – it almost didn’t fit in the truck, for one thing:


But we got it home and managed to get it all set up and everything. WOO HOO! Behold, the old setup and the new:

IMG_1068 IMG_1083

I gotta say, the XBox graphics are ASTONISHINGLY AWESOME on it. Also, it is probably too big for our apartment, but we don’t expect to live here forever so we bought a TV the right size for when we get a house. Woo.

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