I am… an Iron Man fangirl

Well, it’s official.
I’m an Iron Man fangirl.
The first time I saw the movie (for my review), I loved it. I was a trifle bored in the early bits, because it’s paced like a drama and I had managed to get in an action movie mindset (courtesy of Tony nearly getting blown up in the opening sequence). But once Tony had become Iron Man, I was stoked enough to ignore how freakin’ long it seemed to take to get there.
Then I saw it again with some coworkers, and I was blown away. The bits I had thought of as slow were suddenly full of nuance. This is a superhero movie with actual character development, wtf? I saw it again with my Mom for Mothers Day, and (as anybody who follows my Twitter or Facebook status knows) saw it twice over this last weekend. That brings me to a total of five viewings. And I want to see it again.
Oh, yeah, I’ve got it bad.
There’s just so much detail in the film, it’s amazing. Every time I go, I catch something new. My latest discovery was that the news crawls we see on TVs in the background are actually pertinent. That blew my mind. Jon Favreau is an awesome director, and I really, really hope that the other two Iron Man movies he wants to make get greenlit.
It’s also put me on a Paul Bettany kick — he voices Jarvis, the sentient (and rather sarcastic) computer system that runs Tony’s house and helps Tony build and use his armor. You may remember him from films like Firewall, Master and Commander, and The DaVinci Code (which is a horrible movie, good grief). He was also the marvellous Chaucer in the delightfully fluffy “A Knight’s Tale.” Yay.
So. Anybody want to go see “Iron Man” with me? I promise not to mutter the dialog along with the characters… at least not too loudly.

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