Putting my money (or at least my time) where my mouth is

This weekend, I’m going to Nevada with the Barack Obama Drive for Change. All day Saturday and most of Sunday, I’ll be volunteering at one of the campaign offices in Reno, NV — registering voters and/or canvassing for Obama.
A bunch of reasons. I believe in Obama. He’s smart and he’s on board with the things I care about (reproductive rights, ending the war in Iraq, regulation, lowering taxes on the middle class while raising ’em on the wealthy… I could go on and on). I’m terrified of what this country might look like under a McCain/Palin administration. I want to help, but feel like there isn’t much I can do here in California, where Obama is up by over ten points in every poll I see. Nevada is a swing state, though, and it’s only a few hours’ drive away. It’s just a bonus that now when people start opining about their candidate I can say, “oh, I gave three days of my time and spent X hours sweating in the desert for my candidate. What’d you do?”
I’ve never worked on a political campaign for anything, so this ought to be an adventure.

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