I had a plate around here somewhere…

So, why am I behind on blogging and on my NaNo novel?
Here’s what I have on my plate for the next month and a half:
– Try to nurse one of my beloved cats through what looks to be kidney failure (he’s been getting subcutaneous fluids every other day since the beginning of last week, we’re retesting his kidney levels on Wednesday)
– Test for Brown Belt (nikyu, test date is Nov 22 OMFG THAT IS IN JUST OVER A WEEK AUGH!)
– Host Thanksgiving
– Finish my NaNo Novel
– Officiate at the wedding of one of my oldest friends
– Do Christmas shopping
– Write Christmas newsletter
– Do Christmas baking (or decide not to do it, which would kind of suck)
– And, of course, work — my full-time day job as well as my reviews and my one remaining tutoring student (though it looks like she may finally be leaving the nest after this semester!)
Every year around this time, I mutter that next year will be different! Next year I will make sure to have enough time for myself to actually relax and enjoy the holidays.

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