Kid Issues

First, an aside: how the hell did I not have a Childfree category in my blog already?
Antwon’s comment on this post says pretty much everything I was going to say.
All I’ll add is that I know I’m one of the folks in Junglemonkee’s social sphere who is in the “anti-kids” camp. I acknowledge this, and acknowledge that my loathing of (most) children is indicative that I have a problem. I have actually taken to saying that I have a phobia of kids, because it’s more accurate. Kids under the age of about seven (and especially under the age of about three) squick me the way that some folks are squicked by spiders. I’ve been known to hide in a back room at a party when folks with a toddler in tow show up. It’s to the point where I’m working on it in therapy, even. Though I doubt I’ll ever be happy to be around small children, I’d like to be able to be around them at all without becoming panicky. We’ll see how that goes.

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