Dianne Sylvan blogged a list of her skills/talents over the weekend, and challenged her readers to do the same:

Here are some of the things I can do, from the awesome to the silly. Sit down and make your own list–what are your talents? Your skills? What can you do, either through innate ability or acquired learning?

This is a pretty keen idea, so I thought I’d give it a shot.

  • HTML coding
  • CSS coding
  • Aikido at a brown belt level
  • Typing (100+ wpm)
  • Dealing with bureaucracy
  • Can follow a medium-difficulty recipe for baking or cooking
  • Singing (either Rock Band on Expert or “for real”)
  • Playing Rock Band/Guitar Hero — bass, lead guitar, and drums all on expert.
  • Wrangling Windows (can update my own OS, do basic fixing of Windows machines)
  • Medium-difficulty hardware wrangling (installing new hard drives, for example)
  • Install and use Movable Type
  • Make a passable latte/espresso/mocha
  • Administer subcutaneous fluids to a cat
  • Knitting
  • Can use FrameMaker 7.1 AND 9!
  • Digital photography
  • Can explicate Shakespeare for the lay person
  • Can set up and program a TiVo
  • Documenting procedures
  • Opinion writing – reviews, columns, etc.

Geez, I keep thinking of things. Apparently I know how to do shit! Who knew?

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