Knees Update!

So, I hit Fremont Orthopedic and Rehabilitative Medicine today for an appointment with Dr. Jauregito. Got a bunch of X-Rays (the tech commented on my familiarity with most of the poses, heh), then met with the doc. He was nice — very efficient, concise, and friendly. Also up front with me, which I appreciated. He pointed out that my knee issue is one with a lot of different names, which is a bad sign, and a lot of different treatments, which is also a bad sign. Not much progress has been made in the fifteen-plus years since I was diagnosed, which is kind of depressing.
He made an appointment for me to get an MRI and I’m going to meet with him afterward to discuss the result. There’s a possibility that I’m developing arthritis in my left knee, which would suck, but he doesn’t think that’s the case. It’s apparently unusual for someone my age to still have as much pain as I do with this sort of condition, but then I’ve always specialized in being an edge case.
So, next week I get an MRI, and the week after I see him again to discuss what the MRI shows and what my options are. Woo!

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