Catching up: Capsules

OK, I’ve been really, REALLY bad about keeping up with my booklog lately. So, here are capsules of the books I’ve finished but not blogged:
16. Will I Ever Be Good Enough? – A great self-help workbook.
17. The Principles of Aikido – a top-notch overview of Aikido, both the actual techniques and the history and philosophy of the art.
18-23. Grave Peril – Proven Guilty (rereads) – Yeah, still rereading the Dresden Files. Still loving ’em. I just got the two new ones and am stoked.
24. What Happy People Know – an interesting book about the psychology of happiness and what you need to know to be happy. The author spends way too much time bashing conventional psychology and psychotherapy for my taste, but there’s some good material here.
25. The Folklore of Discworld – A wonderful look at the folklore of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld and the related/similar folklore of our world. Fascinating but light reading.
26. Pride and Prejudice – rereading for the umpteenth time because I bullied a friend into reading it. Still as awesome as ever. Still so so so much better on the page than the screen, especially if that screen has Colin Firth on it, bah! Don’t get me started. The only P&P adaptation I actually enjoy is the old BBC one from the 80s.

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