So, remember back in June when I saw Dr. J and talked about surgery? I eventually decided to try PT instead.
Well, I did PT. For months.
And as I said to Dr. J last week when I saw him again, that shit did not work, so it is KNIFE-TIME!!!
I’m going under the laparoscope the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. Presumably on Turkeyday I will be giving thanks for Vicodin. Those three months of off-the-mat time seemed awful long back in June, but I’ve been essentially off the mat almost that long while trying PT. My knees actually got worse than they were originally after an initial improvement. Pfffft. You’d think I’d be used to that, as it’s an old pattern. Every treatment I’ve tried for my knees has helped for a bit and then they’ve gotten bad again. Surgery is the one thing I haven’t tried. The big guns, so to speak. Well, my knees are worse now than they’ve been in about a decade, so it’s time to bring out the big guns. I am not having with this nonsense any more.
Curious about what all I’m having done? BEHOLD:
I’m going to have Dr. J from FORM perform laparoscopic Lateral Release on both of my knees, in hopes of fixing my Chondromalacia. I’ll be under twilight sleep rather than general anaesthetic, thank goodness (I had to do that for my cyst surgery and was not a fan of the prepwork required).
After the surgery I’ll have a 4-week course of physical therapy and then after another couple months of healing, with any luck I’ll be back on the mat! WOO HOO! LET’S DO THIS!

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