Post-Surgery Update!

As previously noted, I had knee surgery this week! Woo! It went really well. The surgery was at Precision SurgiCenter, which was kind of a trip. Very fast, very efficient. But it was surreal to go to a normal-looking office building for my surgery!
Everyone was really nice, and my anesthesiologist was this awesome Navy guy who was very low key. He was also burly and scruffy, and looked pretty hilarious in scrubs. He did a great job. I don’t even remember the facemask — he gave me something he called “a martini to take the edge off” as soon as I was on the surgery table, and it made everything kind of floaty, and then I was waking up afterward.
Dr. J said that when he checked under my kneecaps everything looked good, and that after he made the incisions for the release my kneecaps started tracking better immediately. So yay! They had me bundled up and ready to go pretty quickly, and I came home and slept most of the rest of the day. The only hitch so far is that the Vicodin prescription Dr. J gave me totally did NOT cut it once the morphine shots wore off. But now I have a prescription for something called Norco and am doing much better. Yay! I even managed to eat some real food for dinner. So not too bad overall.
I have little exercises to do already, mostly to do with preventing blood clots and encouraging range of motion. Those kind of suck, but post-surgery physical therapy usually does.

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