Because I am too tired to post anything real. :) Filched from the incomparable Dianne Sylvan.

5 Items in my Bag (I’m using my messenger bag for this, rather than my purse)
1. My new laptop
2. A copy of Spore I haven’t installed on said laptop
3. Four black uniball vision micro pens (the best pen in the entire world)
4. Plot ninjas
5. A super-cute little laptop mouse
Titles of 5 Files in My Documents Folder (for this I busted out my laptop and set it up)
1. How To Tie A Tie
2. Insomnia
3. Skipping School for Star Wars
4. Alternate Realities: Keats’ “La Belle Dame Sans Merci”
5. How Magic Works in Jaspa’s World
5 Things on my Coffee Table
1. My current knitting project
2. Pieces from a partially disassembled Les Paul guitar controller
3. A strategy guide for Brutal Legend
4. Lots of mail
5. Candles
5 Things in my Fridge/Freezer
1. A lot of leftover turkey soup.
2. Leftover Chinese food
3. Coffee beans
4. Veggie bits for making veggie stock
5. Sugar snap peas
5 Things on my Desk
1. Jane Austen action figure
2. Aquarium
3. Lightbox
4. Viking legos
5. Dinosaur figures
5 Songs With the Highest Playcounts on my iTunes
Sadly, I can’t do this one as my MediaMonkey installation on my new laptop is giving me issues (I blame the fact that I have 64-bit Windows). But lately I’m mostly listening to the Hives and Dethklok

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