Formspring Sheepage

As you can probably tell from the lack of updates, I have been redonkulously busy the last few months. Not exactly news, of course. I’m always busy. But between some personal stuff sapping my mental mojo and recovering from surgery, I haven’t had the energy to post here.
I’ve been doing PT twice a week since mid-December, and holy crap is that exhausting. And then I moved, which is also exhausting. Sheesh.
I do want to get back into posting, though, and since everybody else is doing it (and since I’m feeling kind of uninspired and short on topics for this poor, neglected blog), I set up a Formspring account. You can ask me anything here! High excitement! So, if you’re reading this and wondering something or interested in hearing me blather about a particular topic, fire away!
Here, I’ll even put a widget for you to use:

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