Books I’ve read so far in 2010, since Absolute Sandman and The Dance of Intimacy:
Parable of the Talents (book 3 in 2010)
Aleister Crowley and the Pratice of the Magical Diary (book 4)
The Abhorsen Trilogy (books 5, 6, & 7)
Archangel Protocol, Fallen Host, & Messiah Node (Books 8, 9, & 10)
Living Alone and Loving It: A Guide to Relishing the Solo Life (Book 11)
Dang, I’m averaging almost a book a week this year so far! Woot!
They’ve all been awesome in their own ways. I am irked that I didn’t get my act together and review them here, but, well, if you know me offline, you know I’ve been dealing with a bunch of heavy stuff since the end of January.
Back on the horse! I am reading more these days and excited to get back to blogging about it!

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