The Chibi Tarot Kickstarter is Here! GO FORTH AND BACK, MY MINIONS

Get it? “Go forth and back?” See what I did there?

Because you “back” things on Kickstarter, see…

OK, nevermind my hilarious wit. What I mean to say is:

Go check out this awesome project on Kickstarter!

One of the pieces of enormous good fortune in my life is all the awesome, creative people I know. Adam is a badass on many fronts, including graphic design (and web design — he recreated my MovableType template in WordPress for me! This very template you are looking at if you’re reading this on my site), and he’s been working on his own tarot deck for a while now. It’s been digital so far, but now he’s taking it into the physical world by printing a Majors-only deck.

I am super psyched about this. I’m not a huge tarot person in terms of readings, but I love the archetypes and symbolism, and the artwork on some decks is just astonishing, the Chibi Tarot deck included. Adam puts a lot of time, effort, and thought into his designs, and they are really cool. Also, adorable. I mean seriously, look at them.

If you are at all interested, please back Adam’s project. Even just a buck or two helps (and you get a super cute sticker at even the $1 pledge level!) and brings this project closer to actually happening. If nothing else, go watch the video, which cracked me up enormously.

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