15 Days of Favorite Things: Day Five

10 Favorite TV Shows

Like with movies, this is a tricky one. What I like depends on the lens I’m looking through. So, I’ll narrow it down to fav TV Shows right now, like, shows I loooove watching right now. Not “of all time” or whatever, not “based on quality of writing/cinematography/whatever.” Just what I love now.

  1. Hannibal
    OMG if you are not watching this show please watch it, preferably over Hulu or Amazon or on the nights it airs — it’s in dire need of ratings. It’s really gruesome, but also really psychological, and Mads Mikkelsen’s performance as Hannibal is a thing of beauty. SO GOOD.
  2. Community
    But only the real seasons. The zombie, Dan-Harmon-less recent season never happened.
  3. Party Down
    This is my go-to show for when I have had a hard day at work. No matter how crappy my day was, the main character’s day will be worse somehow. Hilariously so.
  4. Highlander: The Series
    So much to love about this show. Short term: hot dudes with swords! Long term: a thoughtful analysis of philosophical/ethical quandaries like whether revenge is ever justified, whether it’s possible to love someone forever, etc. Some of the producers are into Jewish theology/philosophy, so those themes creep in. It’s awesome. And cheesy as shit — many eps have not aged well. I love it.
  5. Adventure Time
    This weird little cartoon has stolen my heart. So fun. Yay!
  6. New Girl
    Quirky and hilarious, and also skewering the whole “manic pixie dream girl” stereotype. I love it.
  7. Bob’s Burgers
    Another cartoon! Love it, though, mostly because of the weird characters and perfectly timed and delivered dialogue.
  8. Parks & Recreation
    This show started out good, hit its stride fairly quickly, and then worked its way up to being epic and awesome by season three. It’s so good that we used it to distract me when I was having endometriosis pain so agonizing that I seriously considered going to the ER. Eventually my pain meds kicked in enough and the pain diminished enough that I was okay, but I needed to be distracted for an hour or two to keep myself calm. This show did it. SO GOOD.
  9. Tabletop
    Technically not a TV show, it’s on YouTube, but it’s SO GOOD. Watching Wil Wheaton and his friends play awesome tabletop games is surprisingly awesome.
  10. Strip Search
    Another YouTube channel show — it’s a reality show where web cartoonists compete for various prizes, with a focus on the end prize: a year embedded in the Penny Arcade empire. Hilarious and sometimes surprisingly moving. Plus, it’s introduced me to a ton of awesome web cartoonists. :)
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