So, as those of you who follow Nate or moi on Twitter/Facebook/Vine/Flickr already know, we got kittens! They are adorable, and we adopted them from the fabulous folks at The Pixie Project.

I figured it’d be a good idea to have a central place to gather links to all the photos and whatnot for y’all to enjoy the kitteny goodness!



(Not really complete – y’all should get on Vine and follow us! :) )

From Me:

From Nate:

Edited to add: the kittens are named after the two Hawkeyes: the one from The Avengers and the one from the Young Avengers — more specifically, the way Matt Fraction writes them in the “Hawkeye” comics. Here’s a great post about why the book (particularly Kate Bishop) is awesome.


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