Mystical Pregnancy

So, I’m going back through the old FeministFrequency videos, and I saw this one: The Mystical Pregnancy. It led me to this awesome (and terrifying) fanvid, Stay Awake.

The pair of videos make me wonder how much of my own personal pregnancy squick comes from watching a lot of the movies and shows (and other media) featuring this kind of thing. I bet if I could check, my childhood and teenagerhood included waaaaay more horrifying representations of pregnancy (especially if you include things like “Alien” where guys get “impregnated” too) than happy, healthy ones. I didn’t see representations of or even personally know very many pregnant women who carried to term and had happy babies.

Kind of explains why the thought of pregnancy makes me feel kind of ill rather than warm and fuzzy, why I think childbirth is gross and terrifying rather than miraculous and wonderful.

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