Set Lightbox to “On”

So, my posting lately hasn’t been so regular, much as I would love to be doing Maxim Monday religiously.

I’ve informed myself that it’s my blog, so I can update when I feel like it, and if I don’t, then I don’t. So there, self!

Portland winter is settling in. I was somewhat prepared, because I’ve visited up here in the winter. But man, being here for a longish vacation and living here are not the same. So, my light box is out and set up (and being used every weekday and whatever weekends I manage). I’m taking my vitamin D. I’m taking walks outside even when it’s gray out because going outside and seeing greenery is good for the mood.

I’m also preparing for December hibernation. I get a burst of energy in the fall (I’m convinced it’s Back To Schoolness), but by the end of November that will be shot. I know from experience that if I push through my inclination to curl up and refuse to do anything I can get away with not doing (i.e. nothing other than the minimum necessary to keep my job and keep myself moderately healthy), I will feel wretched and that will last through January. It’s better to take December more or less off, then hit the ground running in the new year (I get another burst of energy in the new year, because: NEW YEAR! New planner! New ideas! WOO!).

One thing I do have this year that should help: KITTENS! Bishop and Barton are six months old, so they’re great to play with but are also learning the joys of sitting in laps and being petted while they snooze. Definite mood elevator.

Plus, Barton is certified cute by the folks over at Cute Overload! Check it out, if you missed me bragging about it last week.

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